Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Official Google Blog: Giving you fresher, more recent search results

Google adding a little freshness to its search results? About time! There is so much stale and orphaned data out there that needs to just start making its way down the SEO charts.

Official Google Blog: Giving you fresher, more recent search results: Search results, like warm cookies right out of the oven or cool refreshing fruit on a hot summer’s day, are best when they’re fresh. Even if...

Spam Causes Pollution

SPAM: More than an Annoyance Infographic

I love this infographic from the Webpage FX Weekly blog because, as an ex-minion of the IT world, way back in the day when email servers were hand-rolled Linux beasts, I was always astounded how much time and effort it took the team to deal with the mass of unwanted data that, on many accounts, outweighed the useful messages.

Turns out, not only was it a headache for the IT Department, it was bad for the environment to boot!

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Infographic by WebpageFX

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

Ever wonder what your company's website looked like in the year 2000?  Or perhaps an eager web developer deleted the old site without making a backup, and your boss wants his old bio picture back (after all, didn't we all look that much cooler in the 90's).  Either way, the Wayback Machine might just be the answer for you.

Created by the non-profit organization, Internet Archive, the Wayback Machine enables users to access archived versions of the web pages dating back to the mid 90's, simply by entering the website's URL.

Now you would never want to rely on the Wayback Machine to replace your own internal backups.  On smaller sites there may be only one or two instances of the site in the archive, and most archives are incomplete.  Still, if you're only interested in pulling off the old text, look, and some of the graphics of the old site, it may be just the thing.

And, just for the sake of history, here's Apple, circa 1997 - around the time Steve Jobs was just coming back as CEO:

And here's the same website a year later: